Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

At Spare Parts Puppet Theatre we believe every Australian student should have the opportunity to engage with the arts to help them learn, grow and become positive forces in their communities. Exposure to the arts improves student’s sense of enjoyment, purpose and identity and can positively change the direction of young people’s lives by engaging their mind, body and emotions.

For Spare Parts, engagement with theatre is seen as part of the process of ‘educating the whole child’. Early theatre experiences are widely understood to be crucial to an individual’s long-term enjoyment of theatre as children learn how to imaginatively engage with theatrical illusion and gain skills in watching theatre.

The Feilman Foundation has teamed up with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre to present subsidised tickets for students to attend a show during their 2019 Schools Program, through their Schools Inclusion Program.

Unfortunately, due to distance, cost, or some other disadvantage, some young people don’t have access to the performing arts. Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s Schools Inclusion Program seeks to close this gap by providing greater access to the performing arts to students who might be experiencing disadvantage.

“For almost all of our students, this was their first time in a theatre. What I remember most was their faces when we walked into the theatre and while they were watching real live performers in front of them. Fantastic! A high proportion of our students had never been to Fremantle, let alone to a live theatre production. This opportunity was rich with learning for them.” – Teacher, Boyare Primary School