Perth NRM – Adopt a Beach School Program

Perth NRM, through the Adopt A Beach and its Coastal and Marine programs, conserves our fragile coastal and marine environments for future generations. The generous support of the Feilman Foundation has enabled the Adopt A Beach program to involve more schools in coastal education and conservation experiences. The program facilitates fun, memorable, curriculum linked learning experiences for students and their teachers.

Schools can participate in a blend of facilitated in-school experiences and ‘at beach’ excursions to local Perth Beaches. The program has already started to receive extremely positive feedback from teachers and students with many schools already organising repeat bookings.

By supporting the development of the Adopt A Beach program and contributing towards transportation and resourcing costs, the Feilman Foundation is helping to foster a sense of coastal and marine stewardship in school students across the metropolitan area.

Teaching Environmental EducationNew Education Officer