Areas Supported by the Foundation

  1. The Arts – particularly the visual arts and in facilities for the viewing of visual arts as well as support for access to and education in the arts including music and dance.
  2. Conservation – of the natural and built environment as well as education and awareness raising about conservation matters.
  3. Welfare – includes assistance to support any people experiencing significant disadvantage.
  4. General areas of Community need – this includes any cause which does not fall clearly in the categories above and may include contribution towards Disaster Relief appeals.

Location of Grants

Applications will only be accepted from organisations where the service for support is requested is operating either in Western Australia or in Victoria.

Application for Grants

Please note that all applicants must have DGR status. Applications are not accepted from individuals.

The Governors do not accept unsolicited applications for grants and try to keep the application process as simple as possible. We are happy to receive phone enquiries in the first instance [see contact details below].

If the administrators of the Foundation believe the request falls within the guidelines and the Foundation’s capacity, you will be requested to complete a brief Funding Enquiry [see form on this website].

Please submit this enquiry electronically or by mail.

It will be considered as soon as practical by the Foundation’s grant assessment subcommittee in the first instance.

You will be advised of the decision of the subcommittee and if considered suitable you will be invited to submit a more comprehensive proposal, depending on the size and complexity of your proposal. A decision may be taken on the information in the enquiry if the request is small [e.g. under $25,000] and the request fits readily into the categories of interest to the Foundation and you will be informed accordingly if that is the case.

Frequency of Grant Decisions

The Governors meet approximately four times a year. There is no set time for requests to be submitted but generally you should allow three months minimum for the assessment and decision making process.

Size and Type of Grants

Grants will not be made towards the normal recurrent costs of running an organisation.

Grants for capital items may be approved. This may also include the costs of installation or training of personnel in the use of this equipment.

Grants may also be made for specific time limited projects – generally for no more than two years. Such projects must be able to be completed within that period or be able to demonstrate that alternative sources of funds can be obtained in that time to continue the project. Generally the Governors would expect to see evidence of how the benefit from the project will be measured.

Small grants may be made towards general fundraising appeals.

The Governors are primarily interested in making grants which will make a significant difference in whatever field the applicant is operating.

Reporting requirements

All successful grant applicants will be required to provide an appropriate level of acquittal of the use of their grant and depending on the size and nature of the grant, outcome measures or reporting may be required.

These reporting requirements will be negotiated with the grant applicants and confirmed in the correspondence advising formally of the application outcome.