Expression of Interest Form to Feilman Foundation

Please keep this as brief as possible whilst giving sufficient detail for the Governors to determine if a full proposal will be invited.

Applications for 2021 grants are now closed.

01. Name of Organisation
02. Postal Address and Street Address
03. Name, position and contact details of the person submitting the EOI
Note that the Chairman of the Board, CEO or other authorised person should be the signatory to the EOI
04. Please describe briefly the main objectives of your organisation
Include any other general information about when your organisation was established and what it does.
05. Please describe briefly the purpose for which you are requesting a grant, including the benefit or outcome you expect.
06. Amount requested
Please briefly explanation how this amount was determined and what other sources of funding you have or have approached and which may be contributing to the project
07. How do you see this request fitting in with the priority areas as listed by the Foundation
08. Please add any other information you feel is relevant to the application