The Governors do not seek highly profiled recognition of the Foundation. The donors, the late Margaret and Patricia Feilman were unassuming in their philanthropy and the Governors seek to honour their spirit of humility.

We would expect that a grant recipient, depending on the size and nature of the grant, would acknowledge the Foundation in appropriate publications, websites or other relevant locations. This will be discussed with you if your application is successful and determined based on individual situations.

There is style guide for the use of the Foundation logo which will be provided to you for relevant use.

Please kindly note, that the Governors cannot accept any gifts or personal recognition which includes tickets to concerts and similar and it would be inappropriate to offer such gifts.

The Governors appreciate invitations to events such as opening functions and similar where they can meet those involved in the organisation which they have supported. Such invitations should be directed via the Administrators of the Foundation who can offer guidance on the appropriateness of such invitations and will take responsibility for passing on the invitations.