Madjitil Moorna

Madjitil Moorna is a unique community choir, singing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island songs, led by indigenous performers.

Formed in 2006, the choir performs frequently across the Perth metropolitan area and regionally across Western Australia. People from all backgrounds are invited to join – singing, learning, healing – bringing cultures together.

There is increased interest in Aboriginal languages and culture across Australia and the new National Schools Curriculum includes the learning of Aboriginal languages in all schools. Madjitil Moorna is in the unique position of having young Noongar performers, strong in their culture, ready to pass on songs in language. Teachers want to be guided in the early stages of adopting new songs and the Noongar Songs in Schools Project addresses this need.

Madjitil Moorna Inc is extremely grateful to the Feilman Foundation for timely funding support to get this project off the ground.